School Accounting Technician, San Lorenzo, California

Created 01/12/2019
Reference 269719
Job type Full Time
Country United States
State California
City San Lorenzo
Salary $23.16 - $28.24 Hourly
Under the direction of the assigned administrator, perform a variety of technical accounting duties in support of assigned student accounts; receive, review and process student body purchase orders and invoices as assigned; prepare and maintain related financial records and reports.

Essential Functions:

Perform a variety of technical clerical accounting duties in support of assigned student body accounts; review accounts for errors and make appropriate adjustments.

Receive, review and process student body purchase orders and invoices as assigned; prepare payment; prepare checks for payment and submit to appropriate personnel for signatures; maintain contact with vendors to modify and clarify invoices and resolve discrepancies.

Compile information and prepare and maintain various auditable records and reports related to purchase orders, income, expenditures and assigned accounts; establish and maintain filing systems; prepare, balance, adjust, and reconcile statements, balance sheets and other financial documents as assigned; initiate queries, develop spreadsheets and generate a variety of computerized lists and reports.

Verify, balance and adjust assigned accounts in support of assigned student body programs; monitor funds for income and expenditures; prepare and reconcile bank statements and other financial statements as directed.

Process accounts receivable for student body funds as assigned; collect and receive monies related to assigned accounts and programs; collect and process deposits to club accounts; count and record monies into proper accounts; prepare bank deposits; prepare and assure accuracy of receipts; process donations; sell, tickets for various school activities, sport events, yearbooks, tests, student fees, identification cards and other items as directed.

Calculate, assemble, match, sort, tabulate, review and post a variety of financial and statistical data; review, adjust and assure accuracy of ledgers and journal entries; review data for accuracy and completeness; initiate transfers as appropriate.

Receive and process non-sufficient fund checks; prepare letters and copies of check s and mail to parents; enter related data and place "blocks" on students.

Operate a variety of modern office equipment and assigned software.

Communicate with administrators, personnel, vendors, auditors and outside agencies to exchange information and resolve issues or concerns related to student body programs, accounts and activities.

Attend club, ASB or other meetings and maintain minutes of meetings as assigned.

Assist in the planning and organization of fundraising activities for various student body programs as assigned.


Perform related duties as assigned.


Methods, procedures and terminology used in clerical accounting work.
Financial and statistical record-keeping techniques.
Preparation, review and control of assigned student body accounts.
Preparation of financial statements and comprehensive accounting reports.
Data control procedures and data entry operations.
Modern office practices, procedures and equipment.
Operation of a computer and assigned software.
Oral and written communication skills.
Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
Arithmetic computations.

Perform a variety of technical accounting duties in support of assigned student body accounts.
Receive, review and process student body purchase orders and invoices.
Prepare and maintain accurate financial and statistical records and reports.
Assemble, organize and prepare data for records and reports.
Collect and account for monies received from various student functions.
Verify, reconcile, balance, adjust and audit assigned accounts.
Operate standard office equipment including a computer and assigned software.
Compare numbers and detect errors efficiently.
Process and record accounting transactions accurately.
Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.
Add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly and accurately.
Meet schedules and time lines.

Education & Experience Requirements:

Any combination of education and/or experience equivalent to: High school diploma or equivalent, supplemented with college-level course work in accounting or related field and two years of increasingly responsible clerical accounting or bookkeeping experience.

Office environment.
Evening or variable hours due to sporting or special events.

Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard.
Sitting for extended periods of time.

Selection Process:
The examination process for this recruitment may be comprised of one or any combination of the following: screening of the applicant's training, background, and experience; scored evaluation of responses on a supplemental application; written examination(s); qualifications appraisal oral examination; performance examination; or technical oral examination, scored on a job-related basis. Only the most highly qualified candidates will be invited to continue in the examination process. Successful candidates who pass all parts of the examination process will be placed on the eligibility list in order of their relative merit as determined by these competitive examinations.

If your application is accepted to advance in this recruitment, the exam and interview dates are as follows:
Exam #1: Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Exam #2 Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dates are tentative, but it is highly recommended that you plan your calendar accordingly. No make-up dates will be offered.

Other Important information: The duration of the eligibility list is one (1) year unless extended by the Personnel Commission. The eligibility list from this recruitment will be used for full-time, part-time and limited term positions.

New employees to the district are placed on step A of the salary schedule. The maximum salary is reached after 3 ½ years of employment.

Recruitments that list Promotional and Open Competitive opportunities may result in one of the following: 1) a dual-certified list in which internal employees of the San Lorenzo Unified School District are awarded seniority points to their final passing score before placement on the eligibility list, or 2) two separate eligibility lists consisting of candidates on a promotional only list and an open list. In the latter case, candidates on the promotional list are referred to the hiring authority before candidates on the open. However, whereless than three ranks exist on the promotional list, the open list will be utilized to complete a total of three ranks.

Thu. 01/31/19 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Employer San Lorenzo Unified School District

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